When our network was setup a few years ago by another company I believe they assigned the USG20 to the old platform for monitoring the network and threats. Id like to reassign it back to our acct on the nebula platform. Ive checked to make sure the model is still compatible and it still is. Without doing a factory reset on the firewall how can I migrate it to the new nebula system? When i try and assign it with the Serial and MAC address nebula isnt able to find it. 

Any thoughts?! 

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    Hello @shaddow75

    To register/add a device to Nebula CC, the device must reset to default, and re-configure the device after adding to Nebula site.

    Moreover, if you could not find the device when adding device, it could be the device is not registered by you. The device must be registered by you, then you can find it when adding device.

    Thank you.



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    Ok, ill do a reset on one and set it back up and see if it'll release to me. Im pretty sure it was registered by the MSP who set it up but...we'll see. It'd be nice if i could just send them serial and MAC in and see who its registered to though. 

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