NWA210AX and Cisco POE Switch

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I have 2 NWA210AX connected to Cisco C3650-12X48UQ POE switch. In Nebula portal the power mode shows as limited for both. The switch supports 802.3at.

Here is the POE status of one of the ports:

Interface Admin  Oper       Power   Device              Class Max
--------- ------ ---------- ------- ------------------- ----- ----
Te1/0/37  auto   on         15.4    Ieee PD             4     60.0

I tried to use "Force override the power mode to full power" option, but the power remained the same on each port. Will I have any problems with access points?

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    Hi @barmalej


    The power is allocated automatically via negotiations.

    Actually, we had some cases of compatibility issues between different vendor devices, even though switch states enough PoE but still can’t provide AP required power.

    With this situation, you can feel no worries to force full power to let AP works, and it doesn’t happen unexpected failure.

    Force full power is to use software enforce AP services in full antenna status but the power delivering status between PD and PSE is the same so the result is as you mentioned from switch side.

    If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

    Thank you