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Hi all
it is possible to use NWA50AX to extend third party wireless lan?
I have a non zyxel router with integrated wifi that would like to extend
NWA50AX will act as pure repeater only (no LAN connection)


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    Hi, @Teo_Dreamtech

    Welcome to the Zyxel community!

    We have received your message,

    AP would not work as being a repeater for extending deice wireless signal from other brands.

    If you have the requirement to deploy an AP without wire to extend the wireless signal as a repeater,

    Maybe you can try our Smart Mesh in Nebula,

    You only need to prepare at least two Zyxel AP and one of them connects it wired with your original router and then another can be deployed as a repeater to extend the signal coverage for your network.

    The below link for the Zyxel product that supports Smart Mesh in Nebula, you can refer to it:

    Link: Wireless | Zyxel  (Filter By “Wireless LAN Access Point”)

    Hope the solution would help you!

    If there is any further assistance we could help with, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Have a nice day,

    Thank you!

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