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Message from Zyxel:
Dear user, Please apply the patch firmware ZLD V5.30 for your security appliances, it can effectively defend against the threat. Zyxel has released a new firmware ZLD V5.30 to patch the latest vulnerability CVE-2022-30525. Your help is crucial to containing this threat. Review the security advisory immediately to prevent your network from the exploit.

If i go to my USG this appears:

Eine neue Firmware ist für ein Upgrade verfügbar. Möchten Sie nun upgraden?

If i go to yes, install, this happens:

Please note that your new firmware download feature is disabled due to ITS installed. Please contact local support to ensure the upgrade is applicable.

So the ol' firmware is : V5.10(ABUH.0)ITS-WK42-2022-01-03-211200894

special one cause USG didn't work properly.

So if i install the new one ( as Zyxel recommends) manually, does my USG still work or will i have the same problems like before?

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  • PeterUK
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    Yes install 5.30 manually it should work.
  • Zyxel_Kevin
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    Hi @Goanna,
    The fix have been included in V5.30. 
    You could upgrade with confidence :)
    Thank you

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