XGS1250-12 cannot change management VID

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switch:XGS1250-12, Firmware: V1.00(ABWE.1)C0


I can enter a new Vlan ID number in the web interface. Apply will force the popup "Switch will be locked out on management VLAN configuration", pressing OK (the only option offered) returns the screen and the VID value is set back to 1. I expect the entered number to stay there and the switch to become unresponsive.

I also own a couple of gs1200 switches which have a nearly identical user interface and this procedure works fine with these switches.

This may be a bug - or I am doing something wrong?

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    Hi @maja202,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community and sorry for this late response.

    For current design of XGS1250-12, it needs to set a port PVID to the same VLAN as management VLAN.

    For example, if you would like to set your management VLAN to 2, you need to:
    1. Create VLAN 2.
    2. Set one of ports PVID to 2.
    3. Configure switch management VLAN to 2.

    Please do share with us if you think this is an issue, and we will have a discussion  to make it better.
    Hope it helps,