Connecting multiple GS1920-48 Switches via SFP

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Hi, if I connect x4 GS-1920-48 switches together via the SFP ports, can I manage all the switches using one web portal or do I have to manage each switch individually?


  • Zyxel_Ryan
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    Hi @Mike_M

    If you just need to do some basic settings, I will recommend you to use ZYXEL ZON Utility.(link)
    ZON can scan different switches in the same broadcast domain an do some basic settings, for example, changing IP address, doing firmware upgrade. 
    The software looks like: 

    If you will need more advanced setting on GS1920, you have to access these four devices, respectively. 

    Furthermore, another solution is to use switches supporting stacking, such as XGS2210, XGS3700, XGS4600 series.