WAX630 on Zywall 110

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I am trying to add WAX630 access points to a Zywall 110 as controller, they are visible and can be added but after they are added they never comeback online.
Can they not be managed by this fw?

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    Hi, @Martin_Eriksson



    Thanks for consulting Nebula Support!

    We have received your message,

    Regarding your description, the symptom you described usually happens for the reason related to the device version.


    Could you kindly help us to check your firmware version of the Zyxel Zywall 110?


    Since WAX630S is our new product,

    Please make sure the controller firmware version (Zywall 110) is the latest version that we provided (4.72(AAAA.0)C0) to avoid device version compatibility problems.


    Thus, if the firmware version is not up to date

    Please help us to upgrade to the latest version for both of your APs and Zywall 110 and check whether the symptom still exists or not.

    (At the same time, new firmware releases come up with bugs fixing, so we always suggest users keep the firmware of the devices up to date)



    Hope the solution would solve your problem,

    If there is any further assistance or the symptom still exists with the latest firmware of AP and Zywall 110, please contact us by updating this post, we'll keep concentrating on it here.

    Have a nice day,

    Thank you!


    Best Regards,