WAX6xx-6E (Wi-Fi 6) customer notes / discussion

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1) Both the WAX620D-6E and WAX640S-6E are Nebula Cloud managed, Controller-managed, and Standalone.  Not yet supported in the USG Flex 500.
2) The WAX620D-6E and WAX640S-6E support the FCC extension of the 5Hz band (5.15 to 5.35 GHz; 5.470 to 5.850 GHz instead of 5.15 to 5.35 GHz; 5.725 to 5.850 GHz
3) The 5GHz and 2.4GHz are only 2x2 making them really an expansion of the WAX510D since the WAX610D and WAX650S are 4x4
4) Has 2.5GHz Ethernet port instead of 5GHz
5) WAX640S-6E uses 3 watts less than the WAX650S
6) WAX640S-6E has more rectangular shape
7) Only the WAX650S has Bluetooth management
8) WAX640S-6E unknown ability to detect rogue APs (The WAX650S does).
9) The WAX620D-6E and WAX640S-6E do not support 6GHz 320MHz
10) 3rd quarter for the WAX640S-6E.   At this time, I have not seen the WAX620D-6E in stock.

Add anything below that I missed or changes.