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CFlores Posts: 7
We just got a USG Flex 100 and got it online at the datacenter, and the fist question is.

- If i add the USG Flex 100 to the Nebula Control Center, can i get all the  functionality from the GUI i get when logged in locally to the device?

- Partial Functionality? 
- If i add it to the NCC, can i still log in to the local GUI and get the settings from the image below?

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  • Zyxel_Kevin
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    Hi @CFlores,
    We will continue to enhance NCC
    Thank for your advice. 

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  • Zyxel_Kevin
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    Hi @CFlores
    Welcome to the Forum, There is different management type between on-premise (local) and Nebula (Cloud). For Nebula mode, all settings will be done on the NCC.
    You can still log in to the GUI but it will not the same as on-premise, see the following sample.


  • CFlores
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    So if i do add it to the NCC, i loose some functionality :/ seems a bad tradeoff
  • mMontana
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    IMVHO you can't have feet on both stash.
    Cloud management of devices shifts the control center from the device to the cloud management.
    This allow easier deployment of devices and faster replacements, but to a price of leaving some border control on the table.
    Knowing if you need cloud or local management depends from several factor and... political choices.

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