Why Sporadic Websites not opening

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I have some occasional websites that do not open and no warning messages appear in the logs.
Here is one for example:
why? I can't solve in any way.
Web link is inserted inside content filter -> trusted web sites (*.bancaditalia.it).
In my company we use an ATP500 firmware V5.30 (ABFU.0)

Thank you.

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    Hi @infor
    The connection fail reason seems not come from ATP500.
    You can result the domain name first by Google DNS server.

    And then test the route path on ATP500.

    The traffic lost at the node "". It looks the traffic did not forward continually.
    The node belonging to Telecom Italia Sparkle S.p.A., We not sure if there is any security setting between the node and Banca d'Italia.

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