USG20W-VPN: slow and unstable internet via wi-fi

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I have a problem with the Zyxel USG20W-VPN router. I have a slow and unstable connection when connected to Wi-Fi. I have fiber-optic internet, and the web test shows up to 48 Mb / s (download). It often happens that my WiFi disconnects, and even for some time I cannot reconnect. The problem occurs across devices (laptop, TV). I have updated the firmware to the latest version 5.30. I changed the Configuration> Security Policy> Session Control-> Default Session per host setting to 5000 or 0. It didn't help. The problem is from the very beginning of how the router was installed. I have no idea anymore, so I am asking you for help.

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    More info about your WiFi setup about protocols, frequencies, channels? Obviously don't report any sensible data...

    Also: do you have the same issues connected via Wireless LAN?
    Which devices are involved into these issues? Did you select the correct country (or close enough) into wireless section for correct dbm settings?
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    When I configuring WiFi, i was set the basic parameters: network name, security, output interface. Rest the configuration is default. I don't know if you meant these parameters:

    Band mode: 2.4G
    802.11 ban: 11b/g/n
    Channel width: 20MHz
    Channel selection: DCS
    Output power: 30dBm
    DCS Client Aware enabled
    2.4Ghz channel selection: auto
    2.4 GHz Channel Layout: Three-Channel Deployment
    Schedule: start time: 03:00 all days of the week

    Im testing the connection on the laptop, which is next to the router at a distance of 2 meters. It seems that there are no such problems after LAN, but I must have to test it.

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    Can you use the WiFi Analyzer tool to check the WiFi 2.4GHz radio if it is too noisy (such too many 2.4G WiFi signals interference) in your environment? If there are too many 2.4G WiFi signals would impact the WiFi throughput performance. You can enter the Windows CLI : netsh waln show int to check the WiFi health in your environment, too.

    BTW, not sure if the WiFi disconnection is related to the host device or WiFi signal is too weak. While the WiFi disconnects and cannot reconnect the SSID … Is the WiFi signal strong enough? Had the device been configured to connect to the SSID automatically? Can you join the SSID manually successfully? Thanks.

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