UAG 5100 how to optimize the two Wan available?

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Dear  Sir ,i have a UAG 5100 with two wan connexions Wan1 20M/20M and Wan2 15M/ 15M ,usually i use them so but in failover purpose,but not i see that the Lan consumption have increase mor emore because new streaming web and others.
Now i face bandwitch saturation in Lan ,how can i use the second wan2 bandwitch to have 35M/35M avaible for my Lan?
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  • greg
    greg Posts: 15
    Thanks sir,but I have not understand what to do exactly step by step.?I have last firmware 
  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Hi @greg,
    The device overall bandwidth can reach 35/35M. but it's not something like aggregation for wan 1 and wan 2 bandwidth. We would suggest enlarge Internet speed if overall bandwidth is full loading.
  • greg
    greg Posts: 15
    ok wchich configuration to do so The device overall bandwidth can reach 35/35M in case?please help

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