XGS1930 Zyxel dac setting suddenly returns to sfp+

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Hi all,

I have two XGS1930-28 switches connected to a core switch over the 10G uplink connection. This is a DAC cable, and thus so setup in the Nebula control center. However, when I was renaming ports (just the 1G access ports), after the second port, the switch became unavailable causing a network downtime. Local login on the switch revealed the 10G port setting was returned in SFP+ instead of DAC. This was also the case after a firmware upgrade.

Is there any solution to make sure the DAC setting remains in place all the time? Is this a bug that needs fixing? Thanks

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    Hi @PeterD,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    1. May I know did you choose Media type to DAC 10G before renaming other 1G ports and upgrade firmware?

    2. Could you please check switch syslog by filtering "firmware" to see what firmware version before you upgraded to 4.70(ABHT.3)C0?

    3. Could you please also check if the port link speed was changed to Auto-1G while the issue occured?

    We will try to reproduce the issue and have you further feedback.