GS1900-24EP VLAN ID does not follow

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I use the GS1900-24EP switch to disptach wifi access points to my firewalls.
The GS1900-24EP was put in place to replace an old HP with a management interface outdated.
So I know that my configuration is fine.
We have 2 VLANs : one for "internal" users (ID : 4) and the other for "gests" (ID : 3).
Users are connected through 5 wireless networks (2.4GHz/5GHz) provided by 5 access points.
Access points give users a VLAN_ID and their traffic is routed to the 2 firewalls via the GS1900-24EP.
Firewalls provide DHCP and further networking .

After 2 days of investigations I found that VLAN_ID is not always provided by the Zyxel switch.

It is running with firmware V2.70(ABTO.0) | 10/22/2021 and I was reading that you have a new release. Can it solve my problem?

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    Hi @Rezopac,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    I would like to clarify what does "VLAN_ID is not always provided by Zyxel switch"?
    Does it mean that the clients sometimes can access the internet and sometimes cannot?
    May I know the specific symptom when cannot access the internet? eg. the client can't get an IP address.
    And how did you determine the symptom?

    Based on your description, 
    replacing GS1900-24EP the problem occurred, more likely there might some missing configuration.

    Could you help to check if the SSID VLAN is correctly configured on the switch and the uplink and access ports are included in the VLAN member? Reminder: Because router and AP are VLAN aware, so the ports need to be tagged out.

    Small tips: you can try to configure VLAN trunking on uplink and access ports for easier configuration.

    Zyxel Melen