Download speed slows down after a while on wifi but not on ethernet.

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I have a problem with my home network. I have a fritzbox 7530 router form my ISP and get the full speed there. If i try that on my network it works sometimes, but more often than not it slows down a lot. Like from 25Mbit/s to like .5Mbit/s.

I built my homenetwork with some equipment I had l lying around. I have a total of four NWA3160-N connected via a GS1920-24HP. Three of those APs have the same SSID while the last one is used for a different SSID, but all of them are on the same subnet.

I have no clue why it slows down sometimes, I just know that it most likely doesn't come from the router, because when the Wifi is slow I can't even use SSH to a local server properly bcause it lags so much.

Any help is much appreceated.

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    Fritzbox 7530. 802.11ac (WiFi5 for non tech-talkers), 866mbps with 5ghz, 450mbps with 2.4ghz. So not that blazing fast but... quite a good router with a nice but not top-notch wireless arrangement.
    NWA3160-N. 802.11n (WiFi4) plus 802.11a/b/g (Wifi1+2+3). 300mbps on 2.4ghz OR 54mbps on 5.0 ghz.
    It's like competing a newer, lighter, turbocharged and hybrid car versus a nice, plushy, comfortable and heavy like a ship old top notch sedan at the drag strip.
    Race lost and burned so much more fuel.

    On a 802.11n (WiFi4) USG20W i cannot go much higher than 3.5mbyte/s of sustained LAN transfer rate, and it slow further when another device (tablet) asks for updates on android.

    As a personal opinion, a WiFi6 at least AP is suggested for a long term upgrade and for much more bandwidth stable performance for concurrent accesses. Most of the improvement won't be seen until most the clients won't be Wifi6 compliant, but the OFDMA will drop a lot the data collisions, allowing in the same 20mhz channel to boost concurrent data transfer without interfering with other clients transfers.

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    Hi, @alpha099


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    We have received your message.

    Could you kindly help us to tell which band SSID you used?

    Since wireless transmission may be impacted by many reasons, such as wireless signal interference, quality of the wired connection cable, channel loading, and Half-duplex mechanism.

    The above factors all cause bad users experience and are hard to use.

    For your scenario, we would suggest you change the channel and adjust the radio direction and help us to observe whether the symptom is solved or not.


    But since the NWA3160-N is a Wi-Fi 4 product, in which both hardware and protocol are old generations, there are clients and applications that may require more bandwidth to transfer, we would more recommend replacing them with new generation products.

    If you are willing to give our AC AX product a try, the below Access Point product information is for you!


    Link: Wireless | Zyxel


    If there is still another assistance that we could help with,

    Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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