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So, I have 5 aps currently setup and am testing.  I purchased these units know they did NOT have L2 Isolation but did not know about the Intra-BBS feature (not sure if its a feature available on the NWA50AX.)  However, these options are available in the advanced SSID setup in the cloud.  I have enabled these features for my guest network but isolation isn't working.  I can ping other devices on the guest network.  Are either of these options actually available for the NWA50AX or is the cloud unaware of the limitation of the unit?    

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    Welcome to Zyxel Community,


    1.    Intra-BSS blocking is available on both Nebula and Standalone mode. Note that it just works in the case there is just one NWA50AX AP in your network.

    2.    If there are 5 NWA50AX APs, you can try to configure Layer-2 Isolation on Gateway. In term of using Zyxel’s gateway as your gateway, you can follow this guide.

    Open Configuration >> Network >> Layer 2 Isolation: choose member

    If you want to allow some clients access to others, you can add an allow list as below.

    In order to give our customers the best experience while using Zyxel’s equipment, we also consider about add Layer-2 Isolation function on some small business models in next time.

    Share yours now! https://bit.ly/4aO0BMF