Strengthen your networking capability with Zyxel Education Center

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Strengthen your networking capability with Zyxel Education Center

Some of you may know Zyxel Education Center has provided variety of courses for those who require more networking knowledge. To spread out more knowledge to the public, we are excited to announce the new online Zyxel Education Center! Discover what you can get with the new Education Center.

  • All Zyxel’s networking expertise is open to the public

    We provide a smoother learning curve for both beginners and advanced users to become familiar with our products and related technologies through the redesigned course structure.
  • All courses are online now

    You can watch all the courses anywhere, anytime. It’s also fine to start watching from where you stop last time—the time frame is totally in your control.
  • New Zyxel Certified Sales Associate (ZCSA) program has launched

    We launch a new and free certification program ZCSA, including Zyxel Brand story, product feature highlights, and our success stories. You can instantly understand how we provide values to our customers and benefit them with our products. All entry-level and associate-level courses are free to take. For engineer level courses, they contain comprehensive introduction to commonly used functions of Zyxel Products

[Course Structure Overview]

[How to transfer your account]

The old site will no longer be available as of Dec. 31st, 2022, but your previous learning records will be migrated too if you log in the new education center with myZyxel account. If you have already registered an account in other Zyxel platforms, you already have a myZyxel account and can use it directly (read here for more detail).

We will soon release several discounts for active learners in the platform. Come visit our new Education Center and start your journey in the networking field now: