Multiple Access points in a hotel

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I have a problem when operating my 8 NWA1123-NI access points in hotel configuration

I need the corrcet configuration for this scenario please

i have 4 floors, each floor has 2 access points serving east side rooms and west side rooms. They are around 8 meters apart with concrete walls separating space.

Vertically, each floor has same access point position... so floor 2 has access points in position in same place as floor 3 but separated with floor concrete

Floor 1 is same and ground floor is same

Both 8 access points are connected to ZyXel POE switch using cat5e cables and switch connected via cat 6 to Checkpoint 730 (that provides internet and DHCP to users).

I have given each access point a static ip and configured checkpoint not to use these ips for users in its DHCP.

My problem is that access points signal strength goes and comes...i loose connection from pc users to access point and then comes back.

The channel for all access points 6

Please tell me how to configure access points properly (channels to use, should i use one SSID like CommodoreHotel for all 8 access points or Different SSID for Each floor [2 access points] like Commodor_floor1)

please advice what todo??

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    image attached

    2 access points in each floor
    4 floors
    AP points connected to ZyZel POE switch via Cat5e cables
    POE switch connected to Checkpoint 730 via Cat6 cable
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    Hi @commodore,

    About your question,
    1. channel: Please ensure the channel is different between different APs. You can use DCS.
    2. SSID: If the stations will not go to different floors, we suggest to use different SSID for each floor.

    Please refer to our handbook. We have a guide about roaming in page 51, and there is a chapter about "what might go wrong" in page 56.

    Could you provide more information?
    1. How is the distance between the PC and AP?
    2. Where is the PC? In the room?
    3. How is the signal of the PC?
    4. How many stations when the issue occur?
    5. All the stations meet the same issue? or only this PC?
    6. The issue occurs on 2.4G or 5G? Or both?