ATP200-to-ATP200 VPN Connected But Cannot Access Resources

First post on this forum. I did multiple searches before posting.

I have two ATP200's connected with a wizard-created site-to-site VPN. Both devices show the VPN as connected with a green globe.

Site 1 LAN:
Site 2 LAN:

From site 1, I cannot ping any known 172.18.10.x address or access any of the known devices at Site 2.

Same at Site 2 - cannot ping or access network resources on the other end of the VPN.

Ideally, I would enable DHCP forwarding at Site 2 and direct all DHCP requests to the Site 1 DHCP server. That can wait for another day. Today I'd be happy with simply connecting to any device across the VPN.

What did I miss?

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    Welcome to Zyxel community. While you cannot ping both sites, are there any drop or block messages that can be displayed on the Monitor log? If so, you can check if your routing settings are OK? (You can navigate to the Web-GUI path: Monitor > Log > View Log to see it.) Besides, you can check those two sites’ local and remote policies if is correct. If still not working for you. Please share your site-to-site VPN topology(that includes local and remote policies) and config files to us via private message for further checks, thanks.

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