ZyXel GS1900-24 V2.70(AAHL.0) switch endless login redirect

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I bought a GS1900-24 switch witch V2.70(AAHL.0) firmware. The switch worked for 2 days and when i tryed to log in a it is redirect me after 2 second to the login screen. The only solution is to unplug the power cable wait 2-3 sec and plug in back. After it is works again for 1-2 days, but after againt product same issue.

I was searching for a newest firmware but the latest firmware on the website is V2.60.
Thank You for Your help!

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Gergo Salamon

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    Hi @Sali0212,

    Yes, v2.70P1 is temporarily removed due to a potential PoE stability issue.  The switch will stop providing power to the Powered devices and it can only be recovered by re-enabling all of the PoE ports to regain services.

    I will PM you the V2.70(AAHL.1) firmware to fix this endless login redirect problem. Please check your inbox message.

    In addition, the next official firmware release will be at the end of September.