Nebula Makes Life Easier for IT Staff and Employees at Spanish Audiovisual Integration Company

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Charmex Internacional

“At Charmex Internacional, we needed a solution that supports self-provisioning and easy, centralized management of network devices. Zyxel’s Nebula was exactly what we were looking for. With Nebula, we now have dynamic network management, which has significantly reduced our workload and improved our communication with customers.”

Isaac Alos
IT Manager, Charmex Internacional
Charmex Internacional was using MPLS tunnels to connect its branch offices. With its growing customer base and workload, the company came the need for faster and more reliable infrastructure. The company aimed to build IPSec tunnels to connect these locations and its data-processing center. The new infrastructure needed to be easily connected and centrally managed. Its system integrator Tic-Systems recommended Zyxel's Nebula cloud networking solution which could simplify network access and management for both employees and IT staff. An army of firewalls, smart-managed switches, and APs were deployed at the company’s offices and data-processing center. After the implementation, Charmex Internacional is not only enjoying unparalleled protection with its new firewall, but able to configure and monitor the firewall via any web browser. Similarly, Nebula allows IT staff to make changes easily via the cloud, and employees to access the corporate network from anywhere. And that’s not the only way that the new infrastructure is keeping the company safe. SecuReporter reports are providing high visibility of everything that is happening across the network. This is enabling staff to view real-time information on all threats and intrusion attempts, and to set system and application security policies accordingly. The company is always in the know and finally has peace of mind when it comes to cybersecurity management. 

  • Change the network infrastructure of the company and build IPsec tunnels for the data-processing center 
  • Shift network management to the cloud 
  • Ensure control and visibility of the corporate network in real time

  • Hassle-free web access for firewall and switch configuration through centralized cloud networking management 
  • Greater agility of network monitoring from anywhere thanks to Nebula 
  • Easy and real-time network security management with cloud-based intelligent analytics and reports

Products used
ATP200/ATP500/ATP700 ATP Firewall
XGS1930 Series Smart Managed Switch
NWA110AX/NWA210AX 802.11ax Access Point

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