Firmware 4.72 WK28 as Wireless controller + iOS 15.6: any issues?

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Good morning everybody,
a customer which never experieced issues is signaling me that her iPhone updated to 15.6 had issues connecting to the wireless network.

Wireless controller: USG60w 4.72 WK28
Wireless AP: NWA5123-AC firmware 6.10 AAZY.10 
(both latest available)

Two SSIDs, lying on the same vLAN (not the same as the controller to AP one)
5.0 GHZ and 2.4 GHZ for both the SSIDs.

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  • jasailafan
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    My iPhone(iOS 15.6) has no problem connecting to managed ap after usg60w is upgraded to 4.72 WK28. Is your NWA5123-AC managed by usg60w successfully? 
  • Zyxel_HsinBo
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    Good day.
    Could you kindly help us to describe the symptom in detail and does the connection issue only happen on iPhones (IOS 15.6)?
    Since there may be interferences cause connection problems,
    To ensure a good network environment 
    Please help us to modify the settings to improve the wireless network:

    1. Turn on the DCS scan
    Turn off "DCS clients aware", turn off "avoid DFS channel", and turn on the option of  "Blacklist DFS channels in the presence of radar" to let AP could select the channel with the least interference.
    2. Lower the Channel width
    3. Adjust higher the basic rate (Rate Control)

    And please refer to the link below for further information:
    Thank you.
  • mMontana
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    Good day.
    Could you kindly help us to describe the symptom in detail and does the connection issue only happen on iPhones (iOS 15.6)?

    Unfortunately I cannot. Issue has been reported to me, I was not present at the time of issue and i cannot give you more details about the symptom. Issue occurred while trying to configure from scratch another refurbished product.
    Nevertheless I can share a bit more about the setup.
    It's working mostly well since 3 years, when the customer went from "full cable" to "ok, let's use some wireless". It's mostly used for mobile devices (large portion is iOS powered) and worked nicely until this call from the customer. Interference from surrounding never had been a problem. Building is separated from other properties for at least 5mts, neverthless i can find some rogue networks if i look into. Ground floor the USG60W provide the wireless access (it's into the rack but it's good enough for use), first floor is managed by the AP. 2.4 and 5.0 GHZ enabled. Hope this helps
    I opened the topic for raising the question and if possible, gathering information. Maybe the problem is not depending by the iOS version (another customer is working nicely with 15.5 and 15.6).
  • Zyxel_HsinBo
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    Hi mMontana,

    We haven’t received similar symptoms related to the latest iOS version,
    Thus the problem may not depend on the iOS version as you mentioned.

    We’re checking the symptom, I’ll update the post if anything discovers.
    At the same time, we still recommend the user give a try that follows the tips from our last post to improve the wireless connection and observe if it improves.

    And if there is any new information from the customer,
    Please feel free to contact us, it would be a huge help for us to solve the problems!
    Thanks for your kindly help and assistance, sincerely.