Troubles with network - Layer 3 Routing

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we're migrating from the "firewall" (which until now worked as a router) to the switch (XS1930-10), but after assigning a static IP address (from /27 public range assigned by datacenter), the switch is not visible from the outside or from the inside, and it's without internet connection - also of course the device below it. Don't know what it could be, or what we're doing wrong?

We've tried to setup static IP routing, but I don't know what destination address to put in. 🤷‍♂️

And also maybe wrong VLAN configuration?

Our network structure (/27 = mask

Thanks for any help.


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    You have mentioned that the switch is not visible from outside and inside, but your testing NTB can access the switch so I can assume there is no problem with the intranet? Do the NTB and switch able to reach the gateway?
    Also can you confirm the LACP has build successfully between the switch and DC? You can screenshot the link aggregation page for me.

    Could you help to collect the tech support file (in Management> Maintenance) and private message me which port is the uplink of the switch and which port has connect the NTB?