GS1900 at over 70% memory usage. newest firmware, factory reset,no config or devices connected

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Hello, i have bought a used GS1900-24, hard reset it and before even connecting any devices i notice it is sitting at over 70% memory usage.

it had firmware from 2015-2016.So i downloaded the newest firmware and installed it.
factory reset

And it is still sitting at over 70% memory usage with no devices and no config.

What could be wrong with it?
What can i do about it?

Accepted Solution

  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @TRT

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    There's nothing wrong with your switch.
    Normally, the memory usage of GS1900-24 switch is about 70 % in the default configuration, and it is because the switch runs some services like SNMP service, Syslog server, CLI, web service, etc.