How to setup auto-reboot in my NWA1123-AC PRO?

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I have a NWA1123-AC PRO. It because this AP seems become unstable after running some time. I'd like to setup a auto-reboot for it. I check the CLI Reference Guide. There is no scheduler command there. I don't know how to implement it. Anyone can help?

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  • mMontana
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    Is your AP standalone, Nebula Managed or controller managed (i.e. firewall or ap controller)?
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    Dear Will,


    Could you tell me the symptom make you think that your AP seems become unstable lead to you would like to reboot AP? We hope to help you solve that.


    In the case you’d like to set up auto-reboot your AP, please tell us more information as which mode you use in Standalone or Nebula, how many APs you have, your scenario, etc. Note that the more information you provide, the more advise we give.