Nebula Makes Multi-Site Wireless Connections Easy for Historic Italian Maritime Site

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Terminal Napoli S.p.A.

“Computer Experience and Zyxel stand as reliable and attentive partners in every development and implementation phase – and the excellent performance of the new network speaks for itself."

Ing. Valerio Pappacena
Systems and Maintenance Manager
Terminal Napoli S.p.A.
Looking to equip the conference area with new digital services while working around the obstacles posed by the historic building and WiFi interference from moored ships nearby, Terminal Napoli turned to its technical partner, Computer Experience. The project aimed for wireless coverage sufficient for 1,500 simultaneous users, distributed over the entire conference area, and for the network to self-recover in the event of failure. Zyxel solutions were deployed to ensure both end-user demands were met and efficient management for admin. NAP303 access points were used to manage the large number of users, with peaks of 500 clients on a single antenna and offering an optimized wireless experience. Its Smart Antenna technology ensures that interference is minimized regardless of the environment. Meanwhile, Zyxel’s firewalls were installed to ensure round-the-clock protection as well as maximum performance and security. Finally, the GS1920v2 Smart Managed Switch was used as it allows easy switching from standalone mode to cloud-based management via Zyxel’s Nebula platform. Critically, Nebula also offers simple, intuitive, and scalable management, and guarantees continuous remote visibility and monitoring, allowing real-time intervention anytime, anywhere. The solutions adopted have proven ideal for the customer, with dozens of successful events already held since.

  • Offer stable, highly efficient wireless connectivity across extensive conference area 
  • Simplify hardware management while keeping costs down

  • Large WiFi coverage for up to 1,500 simultaneous users and stable connectivity 
  • Protection against malware and unauthorized applications keeps network safe and reduces downtime 
  • Centralized control of all wireless devices easily via the cloud

Product used
USG60/USG310/USG1100 UTM Firewall
GS1920v2 Series Smart Managed Switch
NAP102/NAP303 Nebula Cloud Networking Access Point

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