ZyXEL GS-1548 Factory Reset Procedure

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I got two ZyXEL GS-1548 switches to set the VLAN. I have a problem logging in to them, of course no one knows the password, I wanted to reset the settings and despite following the instructions I cannot log in.
The switch is visible at, user: admin, password: 1234. did not work . I press the reset on the front panel, the sys diode goes out for a moment, the ping of the address stops responding.
after 10 seconds the ping works (very fast for a factory reset) but the login details are not working. I held down the reset button for more than 30 seconds but it doesn't change anything. Any ideas ? Please help.

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  • I follow the instructions, but it does not work. It is a pity to throw away the equipment if it can be used, let us be ecological.
    Does anyone have an idea how to reset this switch?
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    It is a pity to throw away the equipment if it can be used, let us be ecological.
    Fair enough...
    GS-1548 has 96GBPE switching capacity, 71.4Mbps forwarding capacity, 80.1watts of maximum power consumption.
    Let's compare it with GS1920-48v2. Roughly the same switching capacity (100 vs 96), same forward rate, twice the packet buffer, double the mac address table (not meaningful for all environments).Less than half power consumption (37 watts), which should lead to a lesser cooling energy used for the rack or the room.
    If you're going for the same segment, you can look for the XGS3700-48. At roughly the same power consumption (80.1 vs 74.1) you go with 176GBPE switching capacity, 130mbps of forwarding rate, 2Mbyte of packet cache and 16k Mac address table. With a comfy 10G uplink port.
    Roughly every 7-8 years, network equipment hits the aging about technology used and step down for consumption or performance grade (so nowadays, the soho switches are less loud an power hungry, but close as performance to switches from 8-10 years ago, without the same MTBF).

    Few years ago, I read that some tough security environments for reducing issues went for the disconnection, on purpose break or even full removal of the reset buttons.
    If you know for sure that's not the case for your GS-1548, maybe could just be oxidation of the reset switch?
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    Since those models are GS1548, therefore GS1920 will be more suit you for this scenario. :)