Which model can support at least 1Gb "real world" firewall performance?

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Which VPN series model (or, if necessary another series like USG) can consistently achieve >1Gb SPI throughput from WAN to LAN with at least ADP enabled?  We want locally connected users to be able to take advantage of the full ISP connection and not be slowed down by the firewalls.

The specifications suggest that the VPN50 would be too slow, but that the VPN100 is supposed to be able to support up to 2Gbps.  Since that is a best-case scenario UDP test I don't know what to expect in typical usage under real-world conditions though.

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    Yes I want to be able to achieve basically wire-speed for a single 1Gb WAN link without the firewall slowing throughput, and ideally have at least a little extra firewall performance headroom if we decide to load-balance two ISP connections (in that case, ideally being able to support two clients pulling close to 1Gb simultaneously, but I know that's too much to ask from the VPN100).
    Since VPN300 is basically double the cost per device, we'd prefer to use VPN100, but only if it can actually support a full 1Gb WAN in the real world.  At the higher price range of the VPN300, there are other competing products to also consider.

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