RDP connection to Windows Server 2016 keeps disconnecting

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I am using router ZYXEL ZYWALL USG 20.


I have configured NAT to forward RDP connection to a WINDOWS SERVER 2016 driven server.


Session is established normally, but it is interrupted many times, more often after loss of focus for a few seconds, but also during normal usage.


Yesterday I replaced ZYXEL’s router with router MIKROTIK. RDP session after that worked normally without interruptions.


I upgraded USG with latest firmware version available on Zyxel’s web pages, but the problem persists.

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    Hi @svalbard

    Welcome to Zyxel Community. :)


    According your RDP disconnect issue should coming from the UDP session time is expired.

    In the default setting the UDP session time out is 9 session.

    It means If UDP session is idled over 9 seconds, the session will disconnect.


    You can go to Firewall > Session Control > Extend UDP session timeout as 300 seconds.

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