how to configure trunk port on gs1920-24hp? without wizard?

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i need to configure two trunk ports on gs1920-24hp. while on the model gs1930
with the wizard it is simple and fast, on the 1920 model where the wizard is not there I cannot configure them for the transport of the vlan. what should I do? thank you

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    Hi @giuseppe_damato31295,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!
    Here's the steps to configure trunk port:
    1. Please go to Menu > Advanced application > VLAN > VLAN configuration > static VLAN setup to configure VLAN and trunk ports. I assume you want to create VLAN10 and port 1 & 2 are the trunk ports.
        1-1. Check active.
        1-2. Type in VLAN number.
        1-3. Select VLAN member as fixed.
        1-4. Check Tx tagging makes this port become a trunk port.

    2. If you want to configure access ports in VLAN 10, please select those ports as fixed and uncheck TX tagging to make those ports become access ports.
        Then go to Menu > Advanced application > VLAN > VLAN configuration > VLAN Port Setup to change the PVID of those ports to 10.

    If you would know more scenarios, you could reference our Switch Handbook or visit Switch FAQ.
    Hope it helps.

    Zyxel Melen