NWA210AX VLAN (other than the default one) in SSID affecting the throughput


I have the following configuration:

Router with four gigabit ports VLAN support
Port 3 connected to AP
VLAN 32, 34, 36, 38 with tagging in Port 3
4 SSIDs in the AP, one per VLAN
AP management VLAN default settings (VLAN 1 as native VLAN), default values for LAN setting, I'm only using the uplink port

I use the iPerf server available in the AP (CLI), multiple WiFi6 clients and one MacBook Pro WiFi5 client.

The throughput using the SSID VLANs is always around 350 Mbps using the WiFi6 clients (phones and tablet 2x2 160 MHz 1024 QAM) using -P5 iPerf parameter even when the Rx and Tx values on the Station Info screen are above 1000/1000, the MacBook (3x3 80MHz 256 QAM) throughput is between 350 and 450 Mbps using -P10 iPerf parameter, even when the Rx and Tx values are 1300/1300

File transfers from MacBook and phones to a NAS (10 Gbit LAN) are limited to 60 MB per second with any of my custom VLANs.

As soon as I changed the VLANs ID to 1 in the SSIDs, the throughput was increased to around 950 Mbps.

Firmware v6.40(6) and v6.10

For v6.10 I did use the MacBook as iPerf server.


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    Hi there,


    To clarify this problem, I recommend you do double-check some issues because maybe it is one of reasons lead to speed decreases.

    -       Are there any other clients connect to the SSID to use with huge usage or transfer file when you test throughput of other vlan (not vlan1).

    -       Does the iPerf server IP change when you change the VLANs ID to 32 in the SSIDs?

    -       Is there any different setting for SSIDs as rate limit?


    For more information, we tested throughput when station connect to SSID with the vlan1 or other vlan, the results show there is just a little bit different. Actually, setting vlan for SSID doesn’t effect to throughput.


    By the way, could you tell me the model of router you are using to test?

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  • jleal

    The router is a Darytek and I found the issue. With the InterVLAN routing activated, the router uses NAT and the NAT throughput without the HW acceleration activated is 530 Mbps, with HW acceleration the NAT throughput is 930 Mbps, as soon as I activated the HW acceleration the throughput reaches the maximum supported.