WIFI Optimisation

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If customers complain that a certain area has poor wifi.
How to resolve it?
It is a place where many people congregate such as a hall, meeting place.
It happens when many people are there.
How to solve it technically?

Accepted Solution

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    Here are some tips to improve the wireless connection in a people crowded area:

    1. Check the deployment to ensure the coverage is good, generally recommend ensuring the connection signal is at least -65 dBm on the clients' side.

    2. Turn on DCS, to let APs choose the channel with the least interference to avoid wireless interference.

    3. Adjust lower the bandwidth of the radio (With 20 MHz for 2.4G radio, 20 or 40 MHz for 5G radio) to void channel overlapping interference with others.

    4. Turn on Storm Control since, in a people-crowded scenario, there are many broadcast packets which would also be an environmental factor that impacts the usage.

    5. Set up the Rate limit for clients, to avoid certain users occupying the bandwidth of the AP which may impact other users’ usage.

    6. Adjust lower the 2.4G radio power (Lower around 7 dBm than 5G radio), we always recommend users connect to 5GHz more since better performance and lower interference.
    Thank you.