USG60 upgrade path to latest firmware

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A new customer is already owner of USG60, but is quite outdated the firmware.
In fact, the firmware installed is dated 2015, version 4.15, latest firmware available is 4.72 WK28.
Customer is remote customer, currently I cannot travel to be onsite and make the due diligence: backup configuration, reset to default, update to 4.72WK28, then upload configuration and hoping for the best (pretty straigthforward currently, as far as I revised it) or tinkering on the various settings.
Out of the reboots of the device, currently downtime is unfortunately not an option.

Is there a certified procedure to bring the firmware up to date without generating any necessity to reconfigure of the device?
The closure of FTP archives of Zyxel and the availability of 4.70 as the older firmware available.

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