GS1900-24E doesn't store config


I am facing a serious problem with one of my GS1900-24E.
I can configure the switch via web-gui and the values are stored in the running config.
But if I reboot the switch, it looses all its config. 
What I tried so far:
- set the switch to factory default via web-gui -> still same behavior
- set the switch to factory default via hardware button -> still same behavior
- flash the switch to the latest firmware (V2.70(AAHK.3) -> still same behavior
- disconnect the switch from power for at least 1 minute -> still same behavior
I don't know what to do now. Any ideas?

kind regards

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    Hi @oelles,

    Welcome to Zyxel Communnity!

    Since I don't see the issue on my GS1900-24E, I would like to clarify with you.
    Once configuring switch settings via web GUI, configuration shows in the running config at the moment, but it doesn't store to backup config (start-up config). Switch will lose all config after rebooting.

    From your description, I cannot assure if you've clicked SAVE button to backup your configuration.
    You can backup your switch config via clicking save button on the top right.

    Hope it helps,