My Google nest mini is not connecting to my wifi

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Hi team,

I am using ZYXEL VMG3925-B10C model modem. I am trying to connect my Google nest mini, but I am getting an error saying password mismatch but I'm sure that the password is correct. I tried to login to the admin of my router through web. When I clicked "connection status", I can see Google home mini there without an IP address also in static state. Any help would be appreciated. Also attaching a screen shot of the same for reference. 

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  • Sid4maniac
    Any help would be appreciated 
  • SEJ
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    Hi there,

    According to the screenshot, not sure why the Google nest mini use static for IP source.
    Two suggestions from me:
    1. Reset 
    the Google nest mini back to factory default to make sure it use DHCP for getting IP address.
    2. check the 
    VMG3925-B10C's LAN network setting to see if any static IP setting. If yes, remove it.
    If still no luck, maybe try reset VMG3925-B10C back to factory default as well, then see if any improvement.
  • Sid4maniac
    @SEJ , I tried both options. Still not working :(