Introducing specialty badges with education center

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Hi community members: 

Isn’t it great to have your contributions reflect on your profile on community?

Want to show yourself as a Pro user with your network expertise?

We are proud to announce that we have a new badge system! All your achievements can be recorded and shared to other community members with these new badges design!


What are these new badges and how do they work on community?

New badges are launched and integrated with Zyxel Education Center. The different badge levels show the difficulty of the courses, after you pass a course and get the certificate, your community account will earn the badge of the corresponding course! *

About specialty badges through Education Center certification

What’s more exciting news is that we love to recognize our community members who share their skills and expertise they bring to the table. As you get more involved with our training courses at Education Center, you will receive more specialty badges. We want to make sure our experts, product certified users are rewarded through your posts and provide more credibility to your response.

A variety of badges launched to help learners visually and conceptually see the goal you want to attain. As your participation within the community increases, so does your specialty badges. The extra badges show your deeper engagement with us, so that we can easily identify a senior member from those badges and provide you latest updates and information quickly. The specialty badges are awarded for actions below:

Come to our education center and take courses that you are interested in, get certificates and badges, show your expertise to other community members. More badges are coming soon, stay tuned, and if you have any questions or feedback about ranks, badges, we look forward to hearing them in the comments below.


* After you get a certificate, the badge will be assigned to your account in 7 days.
* If you already get the certificate before September, you will soon receive your badge by the end of September.
* Please make sure you have logged in the Zyxel Community with your education center account. If not, please log in and send us a mail, we will assign the badge for you.