NWA210AX: is 802.11k (seamless BSS transition) actually implemented?

How can I assert a Zyxel AP is advertising 802.11 k/v RRM messages?

Having a single SSID using a mix of LAN attached NWA210AX, NWA90AX and NWA55AXE under Nebula control.

Using Nirsoft's WifiInfoView on a Win10 laptop, both NWA55AXE and NWA90AX show "802.11d/e/h/i/k" as transmitted 802.11 Standards, but the NWA210AX just shows up with "802.11d/h/i".

show version:NWA210AX: V6.40(ABTD.6);
show wlan all: SSID_profile_1: SSID1 (no other profiles configured)
show wlan-ssid-profile SSID1: Dot11k_v: yes

The AP configuration looks ok to me, but Windows is not getting 802.11k roaming messages from the NWA210AX.

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  • FelixSchneider
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    Hello @wirefree,
    I can confirm it actually works.
    Maybe you could test with your Smartphone... App used "analiti". My result below, scroll to the bottom for 802.11 k/v.
    Feel free to name the Model of your Laptop or WiFi-Chip.

    Kind regards

  • Thanks FelixSchneider for that screenprint. Using "analiti", i see same as your screenprint, except i have WPA2+WPA3 Personal and restricted rates to 12Mbps or more.
    So the issue is a bit more subtle. 802.11k/v capability flags present in an Android app, but not working in Windows.
    I'm using an Intel AX210 with latest drivers (soldered to the motherboard of a Lenovo T15 series laptop).
    Using "analiti", i spot another - related - difference:



    So the NWA210AX does not transmit channel utilization nor station count.
    On Windows, "WifiInfoView" it is same difference.
    Thanks for helping with getting to a diagnosis!

  • Zyxel_HsinBo
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    Hi, @wirefree

    Thanks for the kind additional method from @FelixSchneider for users to confirm.
    Since software design mechanism and packages difference may impact the result, to ensure this directly, we provide you with the wireless frames capture of NWA20AX, monitor the wireless beacon of NWA210AX, you could see the AP is advertising 802.11 k RRM messages.
    (please refer to the image below)

    Thank you.

  • Thanks for that detailed beacon frame highlighting the exact RM tag to look at. I'll do some digging.

    I wish Intel adapters were monitor friendly...
  • My beacon captures (standard tags):

    So the typical 802.11k prereqs  (Country Code, Power constraint, Neighbor report) are present in both. Though the country environment differs. Weird, but no issue, i suppose.

    I use Nirsoft's WifiInfoView as my assumption is that tool dumps Windows internal tables (NWA55AX, NWA90AX and NWA210AX in that order, selected columns):

    I'll park the 802.11k issue for now, as i focus on roaming. The other thing that stands out in the report is missing channel utilization / 802.11e data.
    Now i have the beacon captures, it appears NWA210AX is missing the QBSS tag.
  • FelixSchneider
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    Hello @Zyxel_HsinBo,
    on my NWA210AX the Tag isn't transmitted either...
    Just my impressions, could it be that in Cloud Mode the WMM setting isn't set properly ?
    WMM seems to be Wireless QoS and therfore most likely the 802.11e Tag.
    If i got time I will test if it works in Standalone mode. I think there it could be activated manually.
  • Zyxel_HsinBo
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    Hi, @wirefree and @FelixSchneider

    NWA210AX and NWA9A0X use different chipsets,
    For MediaTek devices(NWA90AX), the QBSS feature default activates with this chipset.
    For QUALCOMM devices (NWA210AX), the QBSS feature is listed in the parameter of Hotspot 2.0 that is enacted to enhance the wireless-phone device connection somatosensory.
    Due to the decision on our product's road map,
    From the spec developed phase, we determined not to support this feature on QCA AP.

    We're interested in your usage scenario with this attribute!
    Could you kindly help us to share?
    I will raise this idea and create a feature request to re-discuss the QBSS support of QCA AP internally, please keep an eye on our official website for any news. 
    Thank you.
  • mMontana
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    @Zyxel_HsinBo NWA210AX is marketed as an educational oriented AP. Child classrooms, teachers.
    So: don't you think that schools could use Wlan based SIP cordless phones? QBSS might be a gamechanger for setup only one network (wLAN) instead of two (wLAN + DECT)

  • Thanks for the chipset difference explanation.

    To me, this is basic input, no special use case: aggregate channel utilization/capacity as observed and reported by AP can be a factor for a WiFi client in order to select AP or roam: