what's reason mean?


reason 101, reason 23, reason 2, reason 5

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    Hi Customer,


    With regard to reason codes, you can take a look at this post: Access Point Event Log Reason Code and Descriptions — Zyxel Community


    By the way, from the event logs, you can see the meanings of each reason code in general, such as station has blocked by Lower station signal (reason 5 and 101), by prev-Auth failed (reason 2), and by Auth failed (reason 23), and. We’ll show you the way to solve these issues below:


    We judge that both authentications failed might were caused by a low signal in your cases. Please pay attention to the distance between AP and clients and AP deployment to make sure the signal is higher than your Station Signal Threshold to let your clients can connect to SSID, and higher than Disassociate Station Threshold to let your clients still connect to SSID steadily.

    Another way is that adjust Station Signal Threshold and Disassociate Station Threshold lower than the current value. Following the path Configuration >> Object >> AP profile >> Radio >> Add/ Edit >> Show advanced settings, you can see or adjust these two value.

    Additionally, in the case your signal is good, however, the failed authentication still exists, please check your account and password.

    By the way, please check and upgrade AP with the latest firmware to get the best network performance.

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