GS1900 - 24E certificate

All my workstations are connected to this switch but the browser comes up with "certificate is not trusted"

I've restored my network switch to factory settings and tried to regenerate the certificate but it does not seem to work. Any anyone help me with this please?


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  • mMontana
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    It's "normal" and "expected". As wise security choice, any browser don't trust the certificate is self-signed by the switch. Thus because the signant of the certificate is... the switch itself.
    Is not reassurant,  but both switch and browser are working as intended.

    You can tell to your browser to trust that certificate, or simply bypass the message any time you access to the switch for edit configuration.
    Or you can instate in various way a path to create and put a "trustable" certificate into your switch, than use it for any connection to the admin interface.

    Do what you please.
  • FingerlessGloves
    I can't see options in my GS1900-8 or GS1900-24E to change the HTTPS certificate, I can regenerated a self signed one but can't find an import or CSR.
  • Zyxel_Adam
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    Hi @FingerlessGloves,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!
    Since GS1900 Series is an entry-level managed switch, it does not support importing certificates.

    If you would like to import HTTPs certificates, you could check our GS1915 switch.

    Hope it helps,