USG Flex 100 Problem with Content Filter, Signature Updates, etc... etc...


I am using the User Guide USG FLEX 100_V5.31.pdf to verify the settings. The unit is registered and licenses are valid:
The App-Patrol Signature update works, the Anti-Malware and IPS cannot be updated???

In Web Content Filter no matter what URL I enter I always get
when testing a URL:

The result is that users wait for every URL a long time (~3-6 seconds)  before seeing a website because of "Action when Category Server is unavailable" = Pass.

How do we resolve these problems???

Other question: do we still need to add the server certificate to the PC's behind the UGS?

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  • stepgilb
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    OK, got it to work, limited the Source IP to the LAN 2 subnet. L2TP/IPSec and Zywalll Device routing works.

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