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 I would like to ask about spanning-tree settings on MES3500-24 switches. What is the best way to configure the RSTP version? What is the difference between no spanning-tree 25 edge-port and spanning-tree 25 commands

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    Hi Rahman,

    Default spanning-tree mode is RSTP, so the way to configure just enable global spanning-tree and the port.

    Configure a port as an edge port when it is directly attached to a computer. An edge port changes its initial STP port state from blocking state to forwarding state immediately without going through listening and learning states right after the port is configured as an edge port or when its link status changes.

    Note: An edge port becomes a non-edge port as soon as it receives a BPDU.

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  • Thanks for answer. if we consider that 1-24ports is user ports,  25-28 uplinks I set it up like this