How to configure remote WAC500 with NXC2500

I am trying to configure 2 x remote WAC500's with a NXC2500 (f/w 6.25). I have a number of remote NWA5123's configured and working and a local WAC500 but the remote WAC500 does not connect.

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    Could you help us check the NXC2500 AP license first? NXC2500 can manage 8 AP by default. If the managed AP number is over the license number, AP will be offline
    If not the license problem, 
    Please make sure that your WAC500 remote setting is the same as the NWA5123 remote setting.
    Make sure that your remote AP IP isn’t the same subnet as your local IP, to avoid IP route problems.

    If you still have the problem, please give us the topology and configuration with NXC2500 so that we can help you check the further analysis.