Accessing LAN1 from IPSec_VPN

Have a remote location (USG20W-VPN) connecting to a central location (SonicWall Tz500) via IPSec VPN. The IPsec tunnel shows as up on both ends, and the remote network can access devices on the central network; however, the central network can't access devices on the remote network. I have several other remotes with a similar configuration (each remote network has a unique outward IP and internal subnet) which work fine (i.e., both ways). I've gone through all the devices, comparing settings, and, aside from the differing public IPs and private subnets, everything seems identical. Any idea what/where I should check in the setup?

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    Hi @bretd,
    Could you share the topology and IP address of the central site (SonicWall Tz500) and the remote site (USG20W-VPN) with me in private message? Please also send the web GUI access of USG20W-VPN to me. Thanks :)

    Click this link to start:

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