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Is there a way to copy files via SSH/SCP. We have a large amount of Zyxel USG's and want a Configuration Management, but so far only FTP works for me to transfer the Config. Are there other recommended ways to save the config of many Zyxel Firewalls? I tried via SCP but it seemed not be working. Thanks. 

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    How about using python script to get configuration backup. just one click to download from device.
    It might reduce your maintenance effort.
    from ftplib import FTP

    #Device info
    USG_IP = ""
    ID = "admin"
    Password = "12345"
    Filename = 'startup-config.conf'

    #Log in to USG
    ftp = FTP(USG_IP)
    ftp.login(user=ID, passwd=Password)

    #Change folder and list

    localfile = open(Filename, 'wb')
    ftp.retrbinary('RETR ' + Filename, localfile.write, 1024)

    #Connection close

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    Hi @lalaland

    Thanks for your sharing :)

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