ZyWALL 310 to USG FLEX 500 Migration How to

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Afternoon, I see the configuration converter > https://www.zyxel.ch/de/landingpages/usg-configuration-converter

However the route sold is not offered on this.

I have 2 x customers.

Cust A = 1 x Zywall 310 > 1 x USG FLEX 500 (stand alone router)

Cust B = 2 x Zywall 310 in HA PRO > 2 x USG FLEX 500

Can i get some pointers on if / how to perform the migration pls?

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    Hi @Emerald
    The converter will remove all of UTM(security service) setting from configuration, so it will left Interface/ zone settings in converted setting. So you just need to make sure the hardware port amount are the same.

    ZyWALL 310 <> USG310
    USG FLEX 500 <>ATP500 <>VPN300

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