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Today, I thoughtlessly checked "Authenticate Client Certificates" in the web access settings Of course, I didn't save the certificate for myself beforehand and I turned off the option to log in without SSL. 
Of course, the router doesn't allow itself to be pinged, so I don't even know what ports it has open.
I have physical access to it and I remember that the cetificate on self was still valid for a long time but I don't remember the date.
How to restore control?

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    Hi @Domin @homephixx,
    Please kindly log on Firewall via SSH and perform the following command. 
    Router> configure terminal
    Router(config)# no ip http secure-server auth-client
    After that firewall won't check client's certificate. 
    Thank you

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  • I have been facing a similar issue and I could not figure t out. I just have reported it to the help center. Hopefully, it will soon get resolved. But, if you find any solution please share it here on the forum too. I will be really thankful. 
  • Thank you very much!
    It works! :-)
  • Thank you do much for the solution.  :)
  • Thank you so much for the solution. It is working.  :)

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