App Patrol Settings for Vimeo?

Hello community. We are currently experiencing problems with uploading videos to Vimeo. We have allowed 'Vimeo' in App Patrol, but the upload does not work. It works fine when App Patrol is disabled. Does anyone know which other services have to be allowed in order for Vimeo to work? We're running an ATP500 with V5.30(ABFU.0). Thanks and best regards from Switzerland

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  • aemf
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    Have you a blocked line in the log ?
  • hi aemf, thanks for your reply. unfortunately, there is no "Access Blocked" entry in the log. It just says "Access Forward", but the upload would not work...
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    You can turn off App Patrol on ATP500 and check if you are able to upload videos to Vimeo successfully.
    If uploading is still not working when App Patrol is turned off, then it may not be blocked by App Patrol but other features. If uploading is working after App Patrol is disabled, it is confirmed that it is blocked by App Patrol. Then go to log and check App Patrol logs.
    If possible, please share the startup-config.conf with me in private message.  :)  

    Click this link to start:

  • Hi @Zyxel_Emily thanks for getting in touch. we had to add * to the 'Trusted Websites' in order for Vimeo Upload to work - Now all is well, videos can be uploaded with App Patrol being enabled. thanks for your support and best regards.

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