connection vpn zyxel vpn50

I have problems connecting to the vpn that I have created ike2 with windows.

12022-09-30 14:02:10infoIKEThe cookie pair is : 0xafcde8435141d6de / 0x3fb3b5cc675b473f192.168.1.100:500192.168.1.254:4500IKE_LOG22022-09-30 14:02:01infoIKEIKE SA [] is disconnected [count=2] 14:02:01infoIKEThe cookie pair is : 0xafcde8435141d6de / 0x6e7717317a106fd3192.168.1.100:500192.168.1.254:4500IKE_LOG42022-09-30 14:01:56infoIKEIKE SA [VPNIKE2] is disconnected192.168.1.100:4500192.168.1.254:4500IKE_LOG52022-09-30 14:01:56infoIKEThe cookie pair is : 0xafcde8435141d6de / 0xdd3806ea1f4c8713192.168.1.100:4500192.168.1.254:4500IKE_LOG62022-09-30 14:01:54infoIKE[AUTH] Recv:[IDi][CERTREQ][NOTIFY][CONF][SA][TSi][TSr] 14:01:54infoIKEThe cookie pair is : 0xdd3806ea1f4c8713 / 0xafcde8435141d6de192.168.1.254:4500192.168.1.100:4500IKE_LOG82022-09-30 14:01:54infoIKE[INIT] Send:[SAr1][KE][NONCE][NOTIFY][NOTIFY][NOTIFY][CERTREQ][VID][VID][VID][VID][VID][VID] 14:01:54infoIKEThe cookie pair is : 0xafcde8435141d6de / 0xdd3806ea1f4c8713192.168.1.100:500192.168.1.254:500IKE_LOG102022-09-30 14:01:54infoIKERecv IKE sa: SA([0] protocol = IKE (1), 3DES, HMAC-SHA1-96, HMAC-SHA1 PRF, 1024 bit MODP; [1] protocol = IKE (1), 3DES, HMAC-SHA256-128, HMAC-SHA256 PRF, 1024 bit MODP; [2] protocol = IKE (1), 3DES, HMAC-SHA384-192, HMAC-SHA384 PRF, 1024 bit MODP; ). 14:01:54infoIKE[INIT] Recv: [SA][KE][NONCE][NOTIFY][NOTIFY][NOTIFY][VID][VID][VID][VID] 14:01:54infoIKEReceiving IKEv2 request192.168.1.254:500192.168.1.100:500IKE_LOG132022-09-30 14:01:54infoIKEThe cookie pair is : 0xdd3806ea1f4c8713 / 0xafcde8435141d6de [count=2]

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