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Hi Zyxel Support and community,

I am evaluating XS1930-10 and this device is quite unique and meets most my needs except one area ... noise. I can accept noise level when fan spins around minimal RPM (3500), but my problem starts when temperature raises. I have noticed then strange clicking / rattling sound. It occurs only above minimal RPM and clicking frequency changes with speed. Firstly, I was thinking that it was caused by rattling fan bearings, but no. When I am manually forcing fan to stop, clicking still exists - source of it is from electronics or PSU. This is weird and unexpected behavior. My question is - is this normal?

Why this is important for me? I have plan to replace internal fan with Noctua ones. They are dead silent, and I can put more than one to provide enough airflow with less RPM. But this is pointless idea if something in electronic circuit can be so loud...

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    Hi @krzykacz,

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    I have checked my XS1930 which does not have this problem when the FAN speed is around 6000 RPM.
    May I know the firmware version you're using? Is it the latest firmware(4.70(ABQF.4)C0)?
    If the issue still remains when using the latest firmware, could you help to record a video for us to check? Please get closer when recording so we can hear the strange sound.

    In addition, changing the fan by yourself will lose the warranty eligibility.

    Zyxel Melen