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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We have in our hotel Zyxel SP300e for wireless access to the guests
For weeks we have a problem with access to the Internet of our guests.
1. It comes with some devices, the error message that you should contact the Internet provider.
This is probably an authorization or certificate error.
With some devices it is enough if one changes the browser, but as for example with Apple products these possess only the Safari Browser.

2. When logging in, the website opens for log-in, as sometimes the error message appears on which the connection is not Private.
Some said it would work if you went to extended.
After that, a link would be called proceed to lions.selfip.com (unsafe).
But even here some devices do not have this link.

My question is, can you fix that somehow?
Is there another way to log in to the network successfully?
What is the Http link on the registration page?

thanks for answer and help

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